Pistachio tree

Muhammad ibn Jarir al-Tabari (third century AH) Genesis pistachio with the establishment of Adam on earth at the same time. He wrote: "say the fruits that God, when you fall into one of three types: a dozen kinds of fruits shelled, ten ten stone fruit and fruit peel and seedless. the fruit skin include: walnuts, almonds and pistachios, and ... "
Masoudi historian and traveler fourth century AH in the book promotes gold and mining-Jawahiri wrote: "When the people of Paradise, came out a bunch of wheat and three branches of the trees in the garden with him which of the ten fruit skin was: almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios"
Pistachio is also mentioned in the Torah. In chapter 43 of Genesis it is said that "Jacob when sending their children to the court of Joseph ruling, recommended that the products their territory as give him away. In one of the presentations of honey, tragacanth and pistachio is named. About birthplace of pistachio, various sources are various views expressed are: a French author it is native to Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria is known. encyclopedia Britannica pistachio is native to Iran considers encyclopedia Americana pistachios from West Asia knows. Larousse it Asia Minor is attributed, in the encyclopedia of Persian, Middle Eastern and Mediterranean and upholstered in the book of the Rkstan hailed as the birthplace of pistachio.
Pistachio plant that has long been in different areas of culture and education were loaded.
Sabzevar and Sarakhs of the oldest areas of cultivation of pistachio know. History of cultivation of pistachio in Damghan, Semnan and Qazvin in the seventh century AD, and in Kerman province of the twelfth century. Pistachio cultivation in other parts of Iran has a history of 200-150 years. Despite the long history of Iran's pistachio, pistachio development in recent decades has become increasingly more and more.

Benefits of Pistachios

Medicinal properties of pistachios

Consumption of pistachios on cardiovascular disease prevention. Also significant impact to calm and regulate the heart rate and calm the nerves useful and reduces bad cholesterol.

- pistachios due to iron hematopoietic and those who are anemic should eat pistachios daily.
- Brain and Mind to strengthen.
- for peace of heart and calm the nerves useful.
- to open the ducts of the liver pistachio consumption is recommended.
- pistachios stomach strengthen.
- To relieve cough useful.

Pistachio because they contain the right nutrients, including vitamins and high in calories, taking it to the athletes, students, teenagers and pregnant and lactating women grew particularly recommended

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Company illiya pistachio Sirjan with decades of experience in the field of production, processing and sales of pistachio activities, and from 2004 officially started its activities in the field of export of pistachio to different countries including China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, India, UAE United Arabic, Oman, Germany and has extended the licenses and the success of the company can be cited as follows.
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